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About: Hi, I'm Kat.

I'm an artist, a music junkie, an aunt, and lots of other things. About a year ago, I moved from Grand Rapids, MI to Oakland, CA. When it comes to my personality, I'm an INFP big time. I love art, psychology, science, surrealism, psychedelia, atheism, feminism, animals, the outdoors, books, bikes, musicians, intellectuals, and eccentrics. Some of my favorite bands include: of Montreal, Queen Adreena, Metric, Warpaint, Dum Dum Girls, Air, Phantogram, Ladytron, and of course, The Beatles. If you're curious about anything else, feel free to ask!

I also help run a blog dedicated to KatieJane Garside: lullabies in a glass wilderness

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Phuket, Thailand


Phuket, Thailand

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